At Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates, we understand that adoption and foster care create unique issues that may require support from a counselor. Whether your family is planning on adopting a child or you have recently welcomed a foster youth into your home, it’s understandable that you might be facing challenges you never have before. If you’re in need of professional support through this transition, we would be happy to help.

How We Can Help

Pre-Adoption Counseling

The adoption process can be emotionally fraught and overwhelming. In addition, you might be concerned with how your family will fare with integrating a new child into your fold, particularly if they have challenging emotional or behavioral needs. This type of counseling can help you adapt to the unique needs of your new family by taking a proactive approach. Therapy may help you and your family cope with the emotional rollercoaster that can come during the adoption process. For pre-adoption counseling, we can meet with you as an individual, with you and your spouse, or with your family as a whole.

Post-Adoption Counseling

After adoption, you may be struggling with a variety of issues. It is common for adopted children to struggle with their identity, emotional needs, and feelings of loss and grief. Your adopted child may benefit from seeing a therapist to cope with the variety of emotional and behavioral problems that can arise during this major life change. In addition, you, your spouse, or your other children may also be struggling with this transition. Regardless of who would benefit from therapy, we can provide it here at Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates.

Foster Care Therapy

If you have welcomed a foster youth into your home, you may be struggling with integrating them into your family. At Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates, we can offer trauma-informed therapy to your foster child and your family to help process all of the emotional turmoil that is natural during this time.

Regardless of what aspect of adoption or foster care needs attention, we are happy to help at Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates. Contact us for therapy in Eastchester!