It’s an unfortunate fact of life that not every marriage is going to last forever. You had every intention of spending your life with your spouse, but circumstances (and people) change. Whether your divorce or separation comes as a relief or a devastation to you, it is a stressful event for all parties, and it’s normal to have painful and difficult-to-manage emotions about it. If you are going through a divorce, you might be feeling confused, anxious, scared, guilty, ashamed, angry, or sad. These feelings can be even more amplified if children are involved. To cope with the intense emotions around divorce, you may benefit from counseling.

Divorce Counseling in Eastchester

There are many reasons why people come to our office in Eastchester when their marriage is dissolving. You might need counseling on whether or not you want to get divorced or try to resolve your issues in couples counseling. It could be that you need help working out how to best co-parent with your ex. Alternatively, you might be struggling with the transition from married to single and need help with starting your life over again. Regardless of the specific issues that you are facing, many people find that counseling gives them the tools they need to handle the emotions that surround divorce.

What Does Divorce Counseling Involve?

When you seek divorce counseling, you can do so either with both partners or individually. For couples who are separated, going to counseling together may help them decide together the best course of action for their marriage. Divorce impacts every aspect of your life, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically, so many couples choose to enter therapy to help set themselves up for the smoothest transition possible. Alternatively, you may enter individual counseling to help you cope with the trials of divorce.

Therapy for divorce is beneficial because the counselor provides an unbiased perspective on the situation. Because they have years of experience and education, they are also able to help you develop skills to cope. In addition, the self-exploration that occurs during therapy can help you learn about yourself and your new identity as a single person. Through therapy, you can discover what you need and don’t need in a relationship and gain tools to help you communicate in future romantic partnerships.

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