In movies, music, and television, we see or hear about people who are “meant to be” and “written in the stars.” This gives many people the impression that they have a soulmate out there, and once you find them, everything just falls into place perfectly. In reality, relationships take hard work. It doesn’t matter how many common interests you share or how much affection you have for each other; there is way more that goes into a relationship than compatibility and attraction. When you are in a relationship, you wake up every day and choose to be with someone all over again, despite their flaws. While this is a worthwhile endeavor much of the time, many people are not equipped with the skills necessary to keep a relationship healthy. Fortunately, you can speak with a professional therapist to help you navigate the tougher parts of being in a relationship so you can enjoy the wonderful things about being coupled, such as companionship, support, and love.

What is Relationship Counseling?

Relationship counseling is an option when you’re having difficulty with your partner. Some people choose to see a counselor individually, while others seek out couples counseling, in which both partners come and talk to a therapist together. In relationship counseling, your therapist will want to help you with whatever relationship issues you are having, and give you the tools necessary to navigate through them.

Common Reasons for Relationship Counseling

It’s very common for individuals and couples alike to seek relationship counseling. You might want to think about relationship counseling if you are experiencing any of this common problems:

  • Communication issues
  • Family conflict
  • Financial issues
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Jealousy over past partners
  • Division of household labor
  • Parenting

If you are looking for a couples therapist who can help you communicate with your partner, we can help. Contact Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates for relationship counseling in Eastchester.