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6 Organization Tips For People With ADHD

When you have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), things that may seem simple to some can feel overwhelming. Balancing work, your personal life, and your household can feel like you are juggling, and not very well. There are many challenges that come with being an adult with ADHD. Fortunately, with a little attention to self-management and care, you can live an organized life, leading to a greater sense of self-worth. It doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right attitude and some practice and patience, ADHD doesn’t have to stop you from reaching your full potential or feeling like you have control over your life.

Organization Tips For ADHD

One of the biggest struggles for people with ADHD is organization because of the hallmark traits of distractibility and inattention. It can be very overwhelming to even think about organization when you have ADHD. However, it’s possible to become more organized, decreasing your stress. The key is to implement structure and routine into your day to keep you on top of clutter.

  • Have a place for everything. Have you ever been running late for something, and then can’t find your keys? You have to tear around the house in a panic, making yourself even later than you were before. You can avoid this scenario by having a place for your keys where you put it every time. Placing a bowl next to the door where you put your keys and any other important items you need before you run out the door may help. Whatever system you adopt, stick to it so you never have to wonder where you put your important items again.
  • Use a filing system. There are many papers you will come across in your daily life, and it’s easy for something important to slip through the cracks if you aren’t organized. Set up a filing system in your home so you can keep organized with your bills and other important paperwork.
  • Stay on top of your mail. If your mail tends to pile up, make a point to sort through it on a daily basis. Once you receive it, sort it immediately into either trash, your files, or act immediately.
  • Set reminders. Use the calendar app on your smartphone to your benefit. Set recurring reminders about tasks that tend to slip your mind, such as scheduling appointments or deadlines for work.
  • Make lists. Everything that you have to do may feel overwhelming, but putting a list down on paper can help you wrap your mind around what you need to get done and help you stay organized while you do. Write lists to keep track of deadlines, projects, appointments, and tasks.
  • Do it immediately. It’s easy for small tasks to slip your mind, so the moment you think of it, go ahead and make that call or file that paper. If a task will take you less than two minutes, don’t put it off; do it immediately.

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