How To Successfully Search For A Therapist

When someone starts a search for a therapist, there are many options where they can start their search. For those who start by looking on their insurance company website and printing out a list of providers within a specific area, you know the frustration of calling a long list only to either not receive a phone call back at all, to be told “no new patients” or to find out that the provider no longer takes your insurance. Many insurance websites do not have updated provider directories. It is also very difficult to tell from a list whether or not you would feel comfortable with the therapist or anything about their expertise or therapeutic orientation. You will likely end up frustrated and confused if you take this track in searching for a provider. Most of us do not have the time to call 30 people or time to schedule 5 different appointments to see who the best fit is.

You can also try various websites, such as Psychology Today and These are a great option as they allow you to search by location, age served, therapeutic orientation, and conditions treated. You are then provided with a profile with pictures and several paragraphs about the individual. You can also email the provider directly if you are searching after hours. Most therapists on these platforms also provide a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss any specific questions you may have about how they can help and their availability. We provide this option at Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates.

Many other people simply go to a search engine and type in keywords such as “best therapist for anxiety near me” or “best therapists near me.” This can bring up numerous local therapists individual websites, reviews or blog postings that can give you even more detailed information than just a list from an insurance company that is likely outdated.

The next step is, how do you decide who the “best therapist for anxiety near me” is? Taking a multi-step approach can cut down on your time spent and your frustration.

First, decide whether you must use your insurance. Many therapists in the Westchester County, NY area are out of network and those that are in network are understandably booked. If you must use your insurance print out the list from your insurance company and then search Psychology Today and/or and compare the accuracy of your list and then directly call or email at least 5 providers whose profiles you liked and who matched your needs. Contacting just one at a time can lead to a delay in treatment.

If you have out of network options or prefer completely private pay for your mental health needs, starting with Psychology Today and plus an internet search for specific needs such as “psychologist Eastchester”, “anxiety therapy psychologist near me”, or “ADHD psychologist near me” to cross reference the results and search for reviews, social media pages, or press.

At Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates in Eastchester, NY, we have a website, profiles on Psychology Today &, an Instagram & Facebook page, as well as a Google Business profile. It is important for therapists to discuss their experience, services, and how they can help those who contact them on platforms such as these. This allows an individual to make an informed decision on who they want to work with on personal and emotional experiences rather than just cold-calling from a list.

So if you are searching for the “best therapist” near you, try out the steps above to improve your chances of finding the right fit and making progress in your life.

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