How are you coping with life’s challenges?

This question should be one of the first things considered, in order to take a step back and evaluate your overall well-being. Whether you feel like you are overwhelmed, you see your children battling anxiety, or you are stuck on your emotional reactions to life’s daily challenges, Dr. Angela Reiter and Associates can help you.

Through our highly-regarded therapeutic services, we can help you find clarity and get down to the root problem of many issues you are experiencing or have concerns about. Working with children, adolescents, and adults, our doctors are skilled in a variety of different diagnoses and testing for learning disabilities and providing individual care and treatment based on required needs.

Diagnoses We Work With Include:

anxiety-ballMove Beyond Sadness

When you visit our practice at Dr. Angela Reiter and Associates, you are never alone.

We welcome you and your family with open arms; our therapy is focused on delivering a unique service founded on trust. We understand that, by coming to us, you are putting forth a tremendous amount of confidence in us. Our goal is to not only help you find answers but to offer treatment options that enhance your life overall.

At Dr. Angela Reiter and Associates in Eastchester, we also offer couples therapy and family therapy.  Some of the diagnoses that we work with include anxiety, depression, divorce and separation, learning disabilities, ADHD, behavioral disorders, impulse control disorders, school issues, social anxiety, sleep issues, oppositional defiant disorder, relationship issues, identity development issues, career/vocational planning.

Online Therapy Sessions

If you cannot attend a session due to illness or other reasons, we offer thera-LINK, where you can access remote online therapy sessions in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment if you live in the state of New York.

If you think that our therapeutic services may be what you or someone you know need, contact us today to get started with our free 15-minute phone consultation.