Whether you or your child are experiencing symptoms of ADHD, it’s important to get tested promptly. An ADHD test can empower you to take the steps to ensure you have the best possible chance at success in life. Whether you need medication, lifestyle changes, therapy, or a combination of all three to manage your ADHD, we can help you here at Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates. We have extensive experience with psychological evaluations of all kinds. Contact us today to connect with a skilled therapist in Eastchester!

  1. 504 Plan for ADHD

    “People with ADHD have more thoughts before breakfast than most people have all day.”- Anonymous The above quote indicates how people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD or ADD) are comparatively more energetic, creative, and spontaneous in their daily lives. For a child with ADHD (or ADD), it can be difficult to get going in the morning and transition from home to school. Also…Read More

  2. What is ADHD testing like?

    Many patients often wonder “what is ADHD testing like?” What does a psychologist do when they are testing for ADHD? When you are being evaluated for ADHD, the process generally includes a detailed intake where we discuss your current symptoms, family relationships, educational and career history, and medical history. During the intake, we discuss the test battery that would best evaluate your …Read More