At Dr. Angela Reiter & Associates, we understand that when you have a learning disorder, it can be difficult to function in an academic environment. The classroom environment simply isn’t naturally designed to accommodate you. But just because you have this disadvantage doesn’t mean that you cannot be successful. All you need is the right resources and motivation to succeed to ensure you can thrive. We can help you! Contact us today to schedule a 15-minute free phone consultation for a learning disability assessment to ensure that you have the opportunities you need.

  1. Learning Disability: How Is It Diagnosed? Will the Diagnosis Help Your Child? Do you think your child might have a learning disability?

    Do you think your child might have a learning disability? The signs of learning disabilities begin at an early age but can be overlooked or missed often until the 2nd or 3rd grade when a focus on testing and independent work becomes more common. Teachers and parents alike often shrug the signs off. They believe that the child will catch up or may just “not be interested” in learning. While in …Read More

  2. Your Brief Guide to 504 Plan for Anxiety

    Any individual suffering from any type of physical or mental disability can come across several kinds of challenges and hurdles in their daily life. Students spend most of their time at schools or colleges where they are promised a nurturing and healthy learning environment. Therefore, in order to diminish any sort of discrimination and difficulties faced by the students who are not eligible for s…Read More

  3. What is IEP Testing?

    IEP (Individual Education Plan) is a term that seems to be getting increasing attention in the news across the country in recent years. If you have a child who has a mental health disorder or a learning disability, you are likely familiar with it already - and if you aren’t, you may want to learn more! The IEP is a system developed for public schools across the United States; it is designed to e…Read More

  4. Does Your Child Need an IEP?

    Is your child struggling in school but every time you meet with a teacher or counselor, they offer platitudes but not much else? Unfortunately, the school administration's’ hands may be tied by limited funding or other restrictions; the school may clearly see the need to help your child, but they may not be able to do so without a bit of assistance. This is where the IEP comes in. What It Is The…Read More