1. A Self-Care Guide to Living With Anxiety

    When you have an anxiety disorder, every day is living in a storm of debilitating, worried thoughts. While not every anxiety disorder is the same and everyone experiences it differently, it may comfort you know that you’re not alone; it is estimated that 19 percent of Americans experience severe anxiety. Anxiety can be incredibly paralyzing, making it difficult to function. Fortunately, there ar…Read More

  2. Panic Attacks: A Primer

    Do you ever get the feeling, like Chicken Little, that the sky is falling and there’s no way to survive? Or maybe you feel a recurring feeling of choking, chest pain, or shortness of breath that comes out of nowhere and goes away just as suddenly. When it comes to panic attacks, you may not even realize that’s what you’re experiencing until you’re in the ER waiting to be seen for symptoms …Read More